Why Tan Here

Tanning Studios are not created equally.

Tanning beds are not all the same, so if you think that you can rush a tan without consequences you are mistaken.  It is not practical, a tan requires time to built,  and is your body’s natural protection against sunburn!  One week is not enough time for your skin to process a tan,  more time is required for your skin will thicken and provide some protection against burning in the sun.

If you Tan in a Studio that the staff has no idea of what Skin type and exposure limits, are you doing yourself a favour?  Is it not better to tan at a studio with confidence!  Where you can be informed about exposure schedules. pic1

We have 3 distinct levels of tanning which can be used to darken for your Winter Pre-tan.  You may also use the beds to produce  Vitamin D.  Keeping your body at it’s optimum levels.

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